Web servers made for the 21st Century is the open source organization supporting the MacHTTP family of web servers.

MacHTTP will have its 25th anniversary in 2017. In celebration, and Chuck Shotton have created an entirely new version of the classic Mac web server for the 21st century.

MacHTTP-js is currently available for preview on macOS now. As a brand new application, MacHTTP-js includes features never envisioned in the original when it was first released in 1992. MacHTTP-js is written from the ground up using the node.js platform, which means it is a cross-platform application that can run on macOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

Check back for updates on the Windows and Linux versions!


MacHTTP-js is available NOW for macOS!

MacHTTP-js is a full-featured Web server for 21st century desktops and servers. A "preview" release is available now for Mac users, followed by a general release for Windows 10 and Linux computers, including support for Docker. This is a full-featured release for macOS and other O/S versions will follow shortly.

Discuss: Join the discussion about MacHTTP-js online.

Download: You can download MacHTTP-js applications from the links below:

MacHTTP-js for macOS

MacHTTP-js for Windows 10

MacHTTP-js for Linux (Intel/AMD)

MacHTTP-js for Linux (ARM, Raspberry Pi)

MacHTTP-js for Docker

MacHTTP-js Samples and Examples

MacHTTP-js Source Code

MacHTTP 2 is available for Classic Macs!

If you have a Mac that still runs Mac OS X 10.4 or earlier, or "classic" versions of MacOS 7.5 through 9.x, you can run the original version of MacHTTP.

You can download MacHTTP 2 source code, applications, and the full, classic MacHTTP 2 distribution from the GitHub repository.

MacHTTP 2 Downloads



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