MacHTTP Support

Support Resources for MacHTTP-js and Classic MacHTTP

Discussion Forum

The best place to ask questions and learn more about MacHTTP-js is on the MacHTTP-js discussion forum hosted by Google Groups. Sign up to ask a question.

Samples on GitHub

The distribution archives for MacHTTP-js include a "Samples" folder that has a huge amount of documentation and how-to examples. These Samples and Demos are all hosted on the MacHTTP-js Samples GitHub Repository. Check there often for new updates. If you have something to contribute, feel free to submit a pull request.

MacHTTP-js Issues

If you find a bug in MacHTTP-js or want to request a specific feature, please use the MacHTTP-js Issues page on GitHub.
(NOTE! This page is currently not visible to users outside the MacHTTP-js engineering team. Once the source code is made public, any GitHub user can submit issues.)

MacHTTP-js Source Code

MacHTTP-js is intended to be an open source project. Once the source code has been published, you can find it on the MacHTTP-js GitHub page.

Classic MacHTTP Info

The classic verion of MacHTTP is available in both binary and source code form from the MacHTTP 2 GitHub page. There are numerous resources available on the Internet for MacHTTP 2, only a search away.